70359801P Dryer Blower Assembly


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70359801P Dryer Blower Assembly (Fan T30 PKG)

Buy this 70359801P Dryer Blower Assembly at Laundry Replacement Parts. We offer great prices and top-notch customer service on all genuine fan assembly stack dryer replacement parts. This fan assembly blower fan (Part # 70359801) is used For Huebsch, For Speed Queen, For Alliance, For Cissell, For Unimac, and For Ipso.

Part # 70359801P replaces laundry parts:

70123301, 70123301P, 70248601, 70248601P, 70359801, TU20281, TU21120, TU21817

Laundry Replacement Parts has been supplying commercial washer and dryer parts for over 25 years and is one of the leading laundry equipment parts suppliers in the country.

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For Alliance

Alliance has been a world leader in Laundry parts since 1908. They strive on making laundry better for everyone. Through their innovation they want to give their customers success and peace of mind.
Alliance Parts, alliance Laundry Parts, Parts for Alliance

For Huebsch

Huebsch Manufacturing Company started in 1907. Huebsch is one of the world's leading tumble dryer manufacturers and has always manufactured durable commercial laundry equipment engineered for efficiency, reliability and optimal performance. With over100 years in the commercial laundry business, they have been able to create products that make your business as profitable and easy to manage as possible. Huebsch produces some of the most efficient and cost-effective commercial washers and industrial tumble dryers in the world. They use durable features like plate steel frames and reliable inverter drives, making Huebsch laundry equipment built to last.
Huebsch Parts

For Speedqueen

Headquartered in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA. Speed Queen is a subsidiary of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, Its commercial machines are a popular brand for laundromats, apartment buildings, and hotels. They provide a variety of residential and commercial products, from 25-pound-capacity tumblers to 250-pound washer-extractors, as well as dryers.
SpeedQueen Parts

For Unimac

Strong equipment means everything if you’re in the laundry business. UniMac mas no distinction between an original part and a replacement part. Their Genuine Parts are the exact same laundry parts that are built into the machines in the UniMac factory. Replacement washer dryer parts from other sources may cost less up front, but they aren’t engineered specifically for UniMac machines. They often need to be replaced earlier and can damage other parts on your machine as well as disable critical safety features. The quality of Genuine Parts doesn’t compare to aftermarket dryer parts and washing machine parts. UniMac has been manufacturing equipment for more than 60 years. Behind every part they produce is a team with the highest level of technical expertise, attention to detail and focus on precision.
Unimac Parts

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 9 in
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