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3″ Original Dependo Valve 33128623 For Primus 340055051 and Maytag 23001244 220V 50/60Hz Normally Open



Engineered in the USA and starting out as a family owned business, Depend-O-Drain has been designing and manufacturing Motor Operated Drains with the highest quality and dependability for over 50 years. Depend-O-Drain products are suitable for our customer’s exact requirements and specifications for their precise applications. They come as both off-the-shelf standard models in addition to custom designed valves. The Depend-O-Drain 50-year commitment has always been to quality control standards and currently certified under ISO 9001:2008. The Depend-O-Drain team exceeds over and beyond to ensure that they provide the superiority in our system for long product life, dependability, while still offering a competitive price in the market.
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Maytag was founded in 1893 by Frederick Maytag a businessman who began the firm in Newton, Iowa. The extremely durable firm survived the great depression and went on to help create special equipment for the military in WWII. After the war they focused their brand on Commercial laundry, producing washing machines and laundry parts for all businesses throughout the country. Today Maytag continues be one of the most trusted brands of commercial laundry parts in the world.
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Primus was founded in 1911 and began their journey in Europe as a manufacturer of household washing and dish washing machines. In the 1960s, Primus realized that the durability and performance of their equipment was ideally suited for the commercial market. And in the 70s, they made the commitment to focus exclusively on helping our commercial laundry customers achieve their goals. For the next 30+ years, Primus has continued to develop purpose-driven laundry innovations throughout Europe and became recognized as a leader in the industry. Primus discovered there were many more coin laundries and on-premises laundries around the world that could benefit from their passion for problem-solving.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in
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