How To Replace a Speed Queen Drain Valve (on a front load Speed Queen Quantum washer)

Video Transcription

How To Replace a Speed Queen Drain Valve. This is a easy do it yourself repair. The first make sure you cut the power to the washer and verify that the machine is unplugged. Next, remove the face of the front of the washer, be sure keep track of where you put the screws. Place a towel down on the floor to keep things dry. Remove the drain valve assembly using a 5/16 nut-driver, then losen the two hose clamps that hold on the drain hose on the from part of the washer. Once that’s done, use a 3/8 socket wrench to loosen the two bolts that hold the drain valve assembly to the frame of the washer. Before you disconnect the wiring going to the coil of the drain valve, be sure to take note of where these wires connect, there are two that go to the coil and then one that’s connected to the ground (usually a green and yellow wire). Using a pair of plyers, carefully disconnect those wires and then loosen the final hose clamp on the back of the drain valve assembly and pull out the old drain valve. Be sure to snap a little shield in place that goes over the coil for the drain valve. Reinstalling the new valvue is just a matter of reversing the steps we just went through. You may need an extra hand to hold the valve assembly in place as you tighten on the back hose clamp. Make sure you don’t tighten it too much because you still need a little bit of room to move the assemble around until you get it bolted in place on the frame. After its bolted in place you can tighten the hose clamp on the back, reconnect the wiring, and then reattach the front drainage hose. Pay attention to which way the water should flow through the drainage hose, if its labeled for that, and then put it back in place and tighten down the final hose clamps. Once that is done you can reconnect the power, start the washer, and check to see if there are any leaks. If there aren’t any leaks then go ahead and put the face of the machine back on.

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