How to Replace a Maytag 33001755 Baffle

This is a step by step walk through on how to replace a Maytag 33001755 baffle. Dryer baffles inside a Maytag 33001755 dryer drum are responsible for fluffing the clothing as the dryer drum spins. Without the baffles clothing would stick to the dryer drum walls because the spinning drum and its centrifugal force. When baffles get loose small items can catch and cause dryers to shake and rattle, broken or cracked drums can damage your clothes. Replacing the plastic baffles inside the Maytag dryer drum will prevent it from making noise and allow clothing to dry without being damaged.

  1.  Make sure to unplug your Maytag dryer from the wall power source.
  2. Release the top of the dryer from the cabinet clips by inserting a putty knife or small flat object in the horizontal seam above the dryer door. These clips are roughly a few inches from the right and left sides of the cabinet. Push in on the clips until you can lift the dryer top.

  3. Open the dryer top. (You might want to tie string to the cabinet and top to prevent it from falling behind the dryer.)

  4. Open the dryer draw, then slowly rotate the dryer drum with your hand till you can see the two screws holding the original baffle in place.

  5. Remove the screws from the original dryer baffle, using a screwdriver and then disengage the baffle from the drum.
  6. Insert the new Maytag 33001755 replacement baffle inside the drum. Secure the new baffle in place. (Making sure to use the screws from the original baffle.)
  7. Lower the Maytag dryer’s top back down, putting pressure on it as you push down until it snaps over the clips.
  8. Plug the power cord on your Maytag dryer back into the wall.

Congratulations, you’ve just replaced your Maytag 33001755 dryer drum baffles!

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