How To Clean a Commercial Dryer Drop Coin Mechanism

If you were wondering how to clean a commercial dryer drop coin mechanism, then you’ve come to the right place.The drop coin mechanism can collect lint and prevent the quarters from registering or producing an “Err” error on the dryer computer. Cleaning the dryer drop coin mechanism is a routine preventative maintenance procedure. This video goes through the simple procedure of opening the drop coin unit, cleaning the component and then re-assembling the mechanism. Keep your laundromat up and running!

Video Transcription

Here we have a dryer drop coin computer drop coin mechanism assembly. If you ever have a problem where coins are going in and they aren’t registering, or if you see a ERR error, then those are both an indication that you probably have lint jammed up in the path of the drop coin mechanism. What you need to do is open up the drop coin mechanism and pull the c-clip down, just by friction, then push the coin release mechanism and the assembly should just pop out. It may be dirty, the best way to clean it is to use an old tooth brush to clean it out. Its very important to keep your dryers as clean as possible. Once you got all the lint out dip the tooth brush in isopropyl alcohol or acetone to get rid of any remaining dust or contaminant. You want to have a clean surface that won’t attract lint. Once it is clean hit it with some compressed air which will help dry off any remaining isotope or acetone. Next reassemble the coin mechanism, slide the c-clip back in, and reinstall it inside the dryer.

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