Dryer Not Working?

Dryer Overheating? Dryer Not Heating?

High-Limit Thermostat Testing and Repair

Is Your Dryer Not Working? Laundry Replacement Parts has been a trusted source for commercial washer and dryer replacement parts for over 25 years. There are many reasons why your dryer my not be working. If your Dryer isn’t heating, or takes too long to dry then this video may help.

This video demonstrates how to test a high-limit thermostat on a gas or electric dryer. The high-limit thermostat is a commonly replaced part for a dryer not heating.

Dryer Not Working Video Transcription

A high limit thermostat is a switch that is actuated by temperature change, if your dryer does not heat at all you should test the thermostat for continuity at room temperature. A continuity test will determine if a continuous electrical path is present in the thermostat. At room temperature the thermostat should have continuity, no continuity means the electrical path is broken and the thermostat has failed. You can choose from a variety of multimeters to preform the test, for this demonstration we will use both analog and digital models. When using an analog model first rotate the rain selection dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance, then calibrate the meter by pinching the probes together while adjusting the needle to read zero. When using a digital model, again rotate the dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance, or resistance with tone if your meter has this option. Before you begin make sure the thermostat has been removed or isolated from the appliance. Now use a probe to touch one of the thermostats terminals and the second probe to touch the other terminal, if the meter reading shows zero ohms of resistance the thermostat has continuity, if the meter’s needle does not move or the digital display does not change significantly, there is no continuity which means the thermostat has failed and will need to be replaced. While the thermostat should display continuity at room temperature it should switch off or display no continuity when heated. If the thermostat does not switch off when heated or switches off prematurely your dryer could potentially overheat or heat improperly. A high limit thermostat will switch off between two hundred fifty and three hundred degrees Fahrenheit depending on the thermostat, refer to the designation printed on the part itself. To test the thermostat’s response to temperature change, place the component on an electric griddle or skillet and set the heat to the appropriate temperature. If the thermostat switches off within five percent of that temperature the part is functioning properly. If the thermostat does not switch off or switches off prematurely, the thermostat is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Other commonly replaced parts for a dryer that isn’t heating or taking too long are:

 Thermal fuse

Heating element

Gas solenoid valve

Dryer igniter

High limit thermostat

Cycling thermostat

Main control board


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